Troop Feedback

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“We received the gifts you and your Ministry sent to the Marines and Sailors of 3/3. Thank you very much. You can’t imagine what getting gifts from total strangers does to our morale. We hear so much on the news and in the paper about how the war isn’t supported back home and see stories of people protesting outside the funerals of our fallen brothers and it becomes easy for the young service members to start thinking that people back home really don’t care about what we are doing to protect America from terrorism. Then we get packages from terrific people such as those at Calvary Chapel Westside, the local Maui businesses that donated and it allows us to believe in the patriotism and overall goodness of Americans again. Please pass along our sincere appreciation. You boosted our morale very high. Your gifts are greatly appreciated as are your time and prayers.”
Very Respectfully,

Steve Walls
1stSgt USMC
Fallujah, Iraq

“It is my pleasure to accept, on behalf of Battalion Landing Team 2/4, your thoughtful gifts to our Marines of personal care packages. Our current operations require us to persevere in austere and at times trying conditions. Due to the fluid nature of our operations, each Marine is allowed only a pack in which to carry everything they need for an extended period of time. There is not a lot of room for personal items, therefore the items you sent to us served to fill a critical need in the lives of these warriors. It is hard to fully convey in words the deep appreciation felt by those who benefited by your gesture of kindness.”

J.F. Glynn, Lt. Col.
Battalion Landing Team 2/4
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
Al Anbar Province

“We’ve received all of the packages and all I can say is “wow”. I am overwhelmed. Please pass my thanks along to everyone who helped put this together. This is just great! Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)”

Lt. Chaplain Robert Nelson
2D BN 3D H&S Co.
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

“Thank you for all of the boxes that you have sent which I’ve ensured has been made available for all of the men. It really helps getting a taste of home.”

1st Sgt. Atkins
2D BN 3D Echo Co.
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

“I really don’t know you folks but I really appreciate this and by getting things like this is what keeps me going.”

PFC Darren Hirouji
2/10 Mtn. Div.
Undisclosed location, Iraq

“Although life isn’t the best it can be out here, it really helps to know that people support us. From all of the Marines out here, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re the main reason why we do what we do and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support. For myself, knowing that people back in Maui are thinking of us really gives me the motivation to keep working hard.”

LCpl. Matthew Burgett
15th MEU, HMM-165, 3rd Mar. Air Wing
Al Anbar Province